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AMPHIBIAN - Christina Neuwirth - Ebook

AMPHIBIAN - Christina Neuwirth - Ebook




It’s summer in Edinburgh. Rose Ellis arrives at MoneyTownCashGrowth one morning to find that the entire fourth floor has been flooded with water, in a desperate attempt to improve productivity. As the water steadily rises, her working situation becomes more and more absurd…

ISBN: 9781999918095

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Praise for Amphibian:

“Amphibian is a strange aquatic joy, sodden with the mischief-making of contemporary satire. Through gleeful transformation of reality into the surreal, where rising water levels and bobbing molluscs have competition from coworkers for oddest office feature, Neuwirth establishes herself as a writer with a talent for spearing the absurdity of everyday life. Eat it up in shark-size bites.”
-Laura Waddell

“What a smart story Amphibian is, packed full of sly observations on the hazards, joys and accommodations required of modern office life. Written with an engaging deadpan style that belies its fantastical premise, this neat and watery confection is wryly humorous, but with a dark little heart.”
-Mary Paulson-Ellis

"It often takes a fantasy to accurately describe reality, and this screwy little fable cuts sharply into contemporary life. With wit and heart, Amphibian reveals the messiness, absurdity and terror beneath the apparent banalities of the workplace as only a good story can, with characters as real as their situation is impossible."
-Harry Josephine Giles


“Amphibian takes a simple but inventive premise and pushes it to brilliant and ridiculous lengths. The writing is deft and playful, full of wonderful jokes and observations, and a carefully-drawn cast of characters. The book brims with undisguised joy and a wonderful humanity. It is a story of tricky, boring, mundane reality prismed through a delightful fantasy.”
-Ross McCleary

“Amphibian is a wryly poignant parable, surreal and tender, with a wit drier than…well, you’ll see. Sweetly realised details give teasing life to a story of daily routine, self-doubt, small rebellions, and sometimes just missing the bigger picture.”
-Rachel McCrum

“Amphibian finds much humour in the sheer tedium and pointlessness of modern-day office work. At times the novella felt like entering the miniature world of a snow globe and being tipped upside down. Neuwirth is an exciting and endearing new voice.”
-Shane Strachan

“I urge you to read Amphibian: a little book with a big message, full of whip-smart writing.  I can't wait to read more from Christina Neuwirth.”
-Claire Askew