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The Bookshop is a monthly podcast with Leo, Natalie, Dale and Sam.

Episode 1: Map Zine/Dwelling

The Bookshop is back baby! Join Speculative Books' Leo, Dale, Sam and Natalie in the Bookshop Book Club as they discuss their recent reads, with poetry, stories and interviews from Lorna Callery-Sithole, Cat Hepburn, Bibi June, and Heather Margaret St Clair.


Episode 2: Eggs/Twelve Year Til We Feel The Effects

The Speculative Team continue their foray into each other's reading habits in the Book Club, and enjoy poetry, music and stories from Chris McQueer, Leyla Josephine, Declan Welsh and Robert Florence; featuring an interview with Samuel Glover and an exclusive all-new short story by Cee Smith!