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Our journey started five years ago in Glasgow as a small zine press. Over time, we developed new and innovative ways of publishing poetry from some of the UK's most exciting new talent. We are pleased to be able to show you the pinnacle of these five years of innovation: The Speculative Subscription.

The Speculative Subscription is the best way to receive new poetry. Every month we publish a new book of poetry from an amazing emerging artist. From as little as £6.99 you can have a brand new book sent straight to your door. All of our books are made in collaboration with our Authors to create something that feels true to their work and to bring you as a reader something authentic.

You can buy books through our website or find us in a range of independent bookshops throughout the UK. However, the best way to make sure you are getting the best deal and keeping up to date with our latest releases is by subscribing now.

By signing up today, you will not only receive a brand new book of poetry at the start of every month. You will also get one of our past books for FREE.

So whether you are a poetry lover, or you are looking to give the gift of poetry The Speculative Subscription is the best way to get more poetry from some of the UK's best writers.

Have a look at our range of plans:

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More poetry.

The European Subscription

Want to subscribe but don’t live in the UK? No problem!

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Ebook version of our subscription service