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Menagerie by Heather Margaret St Clair

Menagerie by Heather Margaret St Clair


The debut collection of poems and stories from Heather Margaret St Clair.

About the Author / Illustrator

Heather Margaret St Clair is a writer, illustrator, and painter from New York who moonlights in editorial work to pay the bills. She moved to Glasgow in 2012 to complete her MLitt degree at the University of Glasgow, and has remained for the first-rate banter. Heather has the rare distinction of being both an art school and a law school drop-out before giving the writing thing a fair go.

This is her first publication. She has been the proud keeper of a diverse range of pets, including four ferrets, three German Shepherds, two barn cats, several hermit crabs, and a chinchilla-but not all at the same time. These days she just has house plants.

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